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Want to take to the skies?  We have your wings ready.



Are you one of those people who always dreamed about taking the controls of an airplane?  Perhaps you know other pilots and

want to know more about what flying is all about?  Do you work around aviation and want to give it a try for yourself?  Are you wondering if a career in aviation is for you?

These are just a few of the many questions people ask about our pilot training programs. So, if you're asking these same kind of questions you are not alone. To help you answer them, we have developed a simple introductory flight packages.

During an introductory flight you will learn about what it means to fly an airplane. Along with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor you

will sit in the pilot's seat and experience it all.  Pre-flight, take-off, flying a single engine airplane, landing, and flight debriefing. This will all happen in a safe and comfortable environment where you determine how much you want to experience.

And how much does it cost for something like this? For a 1/2 hour introductory flight, with all that is included above, it only costs $89.95!  And remember, they make great gifts as well!  Just contact us at Harvest Aviation for more information!

Flight Training Nashua, NH



129E  Perimeter Road

Nashua, NH 03063


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