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Harvest Aviation was founded on a philosophy:

Flight Training Nashua, NH

And the philosophy is simple: That you should get the best in flight instruction for the best possible price.


When we first started we felt that it was important to establish a presence and build relationships on the field. Our desire was to build as much a ‘family’ and mentoring environment as well as an environment that teaches you how to fly.

We developed our training system by taking the best of what we have learned in over 35 years of professional aviation experience and brought it together into one system.

Scott Wharem, owner and primary flight instructor here at Harvest Aviation is currently flying a Citation XL business jet based in New Hampshire. Scott was a Designated Examiner for the FAA, has been a check airmen, chief pilot, and director of training for Cape Air Nantucket Airlines, Beech Aircraft, and various Part 135 charter operations.

Our system has been put to the test and we can proudly report that since opening our doors in 2002, we have had the most consistent pass rate of any Flight School in the area… EVER! We have trained and are training teenagers to engineers and Grandmothers to young parents. The Harvest Aviation system works. And most of our students continue on with advanced training i.e., Instrument, Commercial, and even Certified Flight Instructor.Let’s give you some examples of why we believe so much in how we train:

Take for example, One of our original students, Doug Pauly, who after a five year absence, resumed his training, soloed in 6 hours and acquired his Private License with a minimum of additional time. Since finishing his training and acquiring his Private License, he has purchased his own aircraft and is working on his Instrument Rating.

A gentleman asked us a few months back, “What was the difference between Harvest Aviation and the other schools? You are all just flight instructors…right?” It was easy to answer him. We asked him if he was put on trial and his life depended on the outcome, would he use a lawyer that just graduated and passed the bar exam, or would he use a Justice of the Supreme Court if able. I mean they are both lawyers, right?

He immediately saw the point, and is now well into his flight training.

We promise that our prices are fair and not exorbitant. But we also plan to be around for a very long time and we are not going to lie to you with false pricing just to get your temporary business. There are some schools that will continue to do this, but we now have the record to prove that we never have and never will. 

Come on in and sit with us and see how we can help you fulfill your flying dreams and goals. Please, don’t make the mistake of thinking that saving a buck or two on something as critical as flight training is worth it. You do get what you pay for! AND WE HAVE THE TRACK RECORD TO PROVE IT.

Our Motto:


Stop Dreaming, Start Doing



129E  Perimeter Road

Nashua, NH 03063


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