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Flying with Harvest is easy!

We have developed our package programs to provide discount pricing for those who desire to both commit and follow through to piloting excellence.

Each package has standard benefits, and then some particular to the rating or ratings sought. The more commitment from you, the more we are ready to reward your diligence. Whatever you are looking to do with what we have to offer, we can provide the finest training available in the area without paying inflated educational institution prices.

Think of it. Even at the foundational level, you will receive instruction from and/or be supervised by those already operating in corporate, professional, and training environments. You will be confident in your skills and training as you grow in knowledge from experts, not those fresh out of school only hoping to use you to build time for their own goals.

Take a look at each program we have to find the one that will best serve your aviation needs.

Discover Yourself! Package: $995.00!


You've dreamed since you were a child of handling the controls of an airplane. Maybe business is to the point where the long cross country drives are an inefficient use of your time. How about vacations to the Vineyard and not wanting to get caught in all that traffic.

Yet with all these valid reasons and more, you still are not sure whether you want to make a full commitment to learn how to fly. The only way to know for sure is to actually try it. And that is what the Discover For Yourself Package is designed for.

We have designed a program that will let you fly enough to make a realistic decision without making a large financial commitment

The Discover For Yourself Package includes:

*A Discounted 6 Hours of flight time with a Certified Flight Instructor.

*Pre- and Post- flight briefings just as we would with a student in any other program.

*All the time you want to have your questions and concerns answered.

*A Log Book which will record your actual flight time and count toward any future training you decide.

*Funds can be transferred to any other program we offer!

Private Pilots Package: Call or E-Mail for prices today!

​​Flight training at Harvest Aviation is a unique and fulfilling experience. You've made a commitment to learn how to fly an airplane. We've made the commitment to make you the safest and most competent pilot you can be. Our training syllabus has been developed by seasoned commercial pilots and flight instructors with experience totaling tens of thousands of hours in all types of airplanes. We teach you to fly the same way professionals fly without making it a daunting experience. Our goal is to help you attain your aviation goal.


The FAA has some minimum standards to become a Private Pilot. They are:

*Must be 16 to operate the aircraft alone (Solo flight)

*Must be 17 years old to apply for your pilot license

*Minimum of 40 hours of flight experience

*Minimum of 20 hours of flight instruction

*Pass a Written test

*Pass a Oral/Practical test

In reality, very few people can pass their Private Pilot practical test with only 40 hours of flight experience. In fact, the national average is about 70 hours. Since everyone learns at a different rate, we've put together our Private Pilot package in a way that allows you to meet the FAA minimums and add incremental time based on your needs.This 40 hour package gives you a starting point for cost planning.

Instrument Rating Program: Call or E-Mail for prices today!

Have you ever sat on the ground wishing you could depart and just get over the clouds? Do you wish you could take longer trips and not worry about what the weather is going to be like days from now when you plan to return? Are you ready to really hone the skills you acquired as a Private Pilot? If you've found yourself in any of these situations, then you should consider adding an Instrument Rating to your certificate.

Flying in the weather is serious stuff. Learning how to do so will take your piloting skills to a whole new level. Harvest Aviation's Instrument program is designed to be an economical and fun way to attain this goal.

The FAA has some minimum standards to add an Instrument Rating. They are:

*Must have at least a current Private Pilot Certificate

*Minimum of 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument flight experience

*Minimum of 15 hours of instrument flight instruction

*Pass a Written test Pass a Oral/Practical test

Our Instrument Rating Program takes all of the FAA requirements into account. You will be paired with a Certified Instrument Flight Instructor and Safety Pilot, who is usually a instrument or advanced rating student as well.



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